The Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes

The place where the Castle was built has a long defensive tradition, as it is the former location of the town of Słupsk. After less than a century from construction, the Castle was rebuilt according to the fashion of that time as a beautiful residence of the Pomeranian House of Griffin. Despite later devastation, numerous adaptations to changing needs, a fire, and war-time destruction, it was possible to recreate its former beauty after World War II. Not only is it worth looking at the extraordinary and harmonious architecture of its exterior, but it is also a good idea to visit the Museum of Central Pomerania in its interior. Here you can see some very interesting exhibits of historic items connected with the history of Słupsk and its environs. The rich illustrative material to complement the exhibition allows us to trace the changes undergone by the town, and its characteristic buildings over the course of more than seven hundred years of history. When organising the exhibition, a lot of attention was paid to the Castle itself and its former hosts – the Pomeranian Dukes and the de Croy family. The museum has a well-founded pride in its collection of works by Stanisław Witkiewicz (Witkacy), which can only be envied by such “Witkacian” centres as Kraków or Zakopane.

The Castle complex also features the Castle Mill – one of the oldest technical monuments in Poland, which recalls the first half of the 14th Century and currently houses ethnographic exhibitions; the Młyńska Gate – an imposing Gothic structure, once protecting the crossing on the Słupia; and Saint Hyacinth’s Church – the former Castle chapel – a Gothic church with Baroque furnishings and tombs of the Griffins, as well as the reconstructed Castle garden.

After visiting Słupsk Castle you can take some rest at a teashop in the old Richter Granary, which was moved from the town centre to the Castle and included in the museum complex in the 1990’s.

The Castle in Słupsk is a place that will delight an individual sensitive to architectural beauty, and also enthusiasts of art, especially inter-war art. The residents of Słupsk should also definitely see it, if they have not done so yet, as this place has everything they need to better understand their own town.

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