Richter’s Granary in Słupsk

After the War it performed the function of a storage space for the Commune Cooperative and the Voivodeship Domestic Trading Company in Słupsk.

Feed was stored there. However, the traces of building material and carbon found in the layers of the floor during the demolition works indicate that these materials were also stored in the granary. After that, the building stood empty for many years. In 1986, the Museum of the Middle Pomerania became the owner of the building. Between 1994 and 1998 the structure was systematically, with great precision and care, moved to the Fishermen’s Market, in the direct neighbourhood of the Castle of the Pomeranian Princes, the castle windmill and the monumental gate of the Słupsk castle-town. This operation allowed Słupsk to create a place which in its style and climate reflects the best years of the town. The building was commissioned on 22 May 1998.

The building was constructed with a quadrangular design, similar to a long rectangle. The western wall of the granary contains three entrances (including the garage gate). The main entrance is located in the southern gable wall. There are four evacuation exits in the eastern wall on the riverside. Near the western wall there are staircases to the upper floor and in the northern part there is a goods and passenger elevator. It is a one-storey building, without a basement and with a two-storey, usable attic.

Currently Richter’s Granary features a temporary exhibition room of the Museum of the Middle Pomerania and a stylish tea-house. The Museum also uses its space for storage rooms and workshops.

The tea-house hosts poster, graphics, photography and painting exhibitions. Inside the tea-house you can listen to live music. The floor area of approx. 120 m2 contains around 70 seats. During the summer you can also sit in the outside area.

From the very beginning of June, Słupsk hosts the Griffin’s Fair. It is a cyclical event with the intent of representing the local initiatives in the area of culture and art. Each Sunday, the Fishermen’s Market and the castle courtyard are filled with stalls full of unusual items. It creates a unique opportunity for the local non-Governmental organisations, non-union manufacturers and hobbyists to present their works.

Autor: CIT Ziemia Słupska

Foto: R.Baranowski, Dep. turystyki, UMWP

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