St. Joseph’s Church in Charbrowo

Charbrowo is an old Kashubian village, since 1286 owned by the Bishops of Włocławek. The church is an oriented building, erected on a rectangular plan, with the narrower and lower body of the presbytery from the east. On the exterior walls of the church you can admire the tombstones with epitaphs, and the tower is topped with an octagonal cupola with a spire, with 2 bells made by Gdańsk bell founders: Gert Benning in 1598 and Emanuel Wittwerk from 1744. Inside the church there is interesting Baroque furnishing, a painted and carved altar from 1737 and a wooden beam ceiling covered with paintings of biblical scenes. In the cemetery that surrounds the church there are several old tombstones remaining and a characteristic top to the cemetery gate.

Autor: M.Krzciuk, LOT Ziemia Lęborska

Foto: M.Bieliński, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP

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