Sztutowo’s history began when it was a settlement owned by the Dukes of Pomerania. In the 13th Century it was taken over by the Teutonic Knights. In 1432 it housed an inn, and a little later a stud farm for the Teutonic Knights. In 1920 Sztutowo was governed by the Free City of Danzig. It was here that the great philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer spent his childhood, and the place was also visited by Tsar Peter the Great. Today the village is celebrated for its rich natural and landscape, as well as its bioclimatic assets. The borders of the Commune were largely laid out by nature herself. From the north Sztutowo is bound by the waters of the Baltic Sea, from the east by the waters of the Vistula Lagoon, from the south by the Szkarpawa River, and from the west by Wisła Królewiecka. Sztutowo’s terrain was shaped by the sand and mud brought here by the sea currents and the Vistula, which created the existing form of the Vistula Spit and Żuławy. The entire Sztutowo Commune forms part of the “Vistula Spit” Landscape Park and its buffer zone.

The history of the place saw an inglorious chapter on international scale that now serves as a warning to humanity – the Nazi concentration camp established here during World War II, which saw the extermination of 110,000 prisoners. Today the former concentration camp houses the National Stutthof Museum.

Sztutowo also provides a variety of leisure activities in the open. It also guarantees great entertainment and participation in numerous sports and entertainment events, the most popular of which are Sztutowo Summer, the Royal Picnic, and many others. One of the village’s major attractions is the Four Tank-men’s Bridge, from the popular TV series “Four Tank-men and a Dog”, on which the crew of a Rudy 102 tank achieved success during a march towards Berlin. Those who prefer active leisure may take advantage of the Horse Riding Centre or the sailing marina and the Marina Baltica water equipment rental service. For tourists who prefer to experience the ravishing landscapes near the Vistula Spit while travelling by land, the narrow-gauge railway may present an interesting alternative. Those passionate about cycling and hiking may embark on one of the cycling and Nordic walking routes, which will bring them closer to the gorgeous, often unique nature and immensely-rich cultural heritage of the land.

On arrival at Sztutowo, wherever you turn, you will meet fascinating natural assets, monuments of material culture, unique hydrotechnical structures, and, most importantly, its kind residents.

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