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The Culinary Route

The gifts of the sea taste the best in Gdynia. The city is a real ocean of special dishes, with something nice for everybody, be it for traditionalists or seekers of new tastes. It is also a harbour of tastes offering a fusion of meals from various cuisines, creating a multicoloured mosaic. The culinary walk across Gdynia is a cruise over four continents. .
Gdynia, from the moment of its establishment, was a modern city open to new trends and styles. The new restaurants located there are the best example of courageous creations in the city and reflect the contemporary trends in interior decoration. Many interiors have been designed by the stars of architecture and design. The original decoration and great menus coexist with good music and the ambience of these places. Gdynia is the Polish Cannes and Roskilde at the same time. This is the venue for the most important Polish events of film and music (the Polish Film Festival, the Open’er Festival) and the most interesting jazz and theatre events (including the Ladies’ Jazz Festival, and R@port, JaZzGdyni) which create the cultural character of the City. The culinary route restaurants and bars easily connect with this way of promoting artistic activities.
There are the following restaurants on the route: A-dong, Barbados, Blick (Hotel Blick), Bohema Jazz, the Boolvar Club, Calipso (Hotel Hotton), Charlie, Coco, Da Vinci, Del Mar, Dobry Adres, El GrecoEureka, Gustus, Hollywood Dinner, Kapitan Coock, La Marée, La Vita, Li-Du, Monte, Moon, Moshi Moshi Sushi, Naleśnik ART Bia, Perla Nera, Pueblo, Rodisio el Toro, Safari, Santorini, Shanghai, Strefa Kuchnie Świata (Hotel Nadmorski), Taj Machal, Tawerna,Thai Hut, Tokyo Sushi, Trafik, Trattoria La Fortuna, and W Ogrodach.

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