Next to the conveniently-located investment areas, Rumia’s assets include the proximity of ports and a container terminal, and lower property prices than in the nearby towns. The Rumia Urban Commune has been a three-times winner of the Fair Play Commune contest. It has also received an honorary distinction for “the Golden Business Location”.

Explorers of historic traces will encounter here the ruins of a mediaeval church (devoted to the patrons St. Stanislaus in 1583, the Holy Cross in 1686, the Holy Cross and St. Nicholas in 1710) after one of the oldest Pomeranian parishes, and a historic cemetery which surrounds the former church. There is also an obelisk erected in honour of Duke Mściwój II. The renovated White Manor by national road No. 6 (Sobieskiego Street) also merits attention – built in the early 20th Century, today it serves as a hotel as in its early days. Near the manor flows the Zagórska Struga River, starting from Lake Marchowo, through the whole town, and eventually reaching Puck Bay to the north of Mechelinki.

The most picturesque hiking trail leads into the Zagórska Struga Valley, which resembles a mountain gorge. Fatigued hikers will have the chance to relax in the Municipal Park on Starowiejska St., by the river which overflows here forming a small pond. Stone-set alleys, benches, playgrounds, wooden arbours, a footbridge and a canoe pier, create a congenial atmosphere. Around the corner, the Municipal Culture Centre, housed in a 19th-Century manor, holds an exhibition entitled “From the Earth’s history” featuring its most interesting artefact – a 2-thousand-year-old female skeleton discovered during excavation works in Rumia. Continuing your trip, you can take a stroll along the pedestrian-bicycle precinct on Żwirki i Wigury St. – an investment for which Rumia has received a distinction from the Voivodeship Governor in a contest for the “Most beautiful public space in the Pomeranian Voivodeship.”

Quite a peculiar attraction is the Cactus Garden of Mr & Ms Hinz, considered one of the biggest in Europe. Among other things, visitors can admire over 6 thousand succulent species and varieties, a huge aloe tree, and the so-called “mother-in-law’s cushions”.

Rumia boasts a calendar filled with regular events as a permanent part of the town’s life. The flagship event at the international level is the Rev. St. Ormiński International Religious Music Festival, held in October. Festival competitions and concerts take place in the Virgin Mary Help of Christians Church. July and August provide an opportunity to enjoy the Summer Organ Concerts with prominent acts from Poland and abroad. The complex of the Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre holds multi-regional sporting events, such as the International Art Gymnastics Tournament “the Baltic Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup”, the Rumia Open Volleyball Championships for the Mayor’s Cup, the Peace Marathon, and the Rumia Open Table Tennis Championships. Also the advanced indoor swimming pool at Rodziewiczówny St., the pitch in the “Blisko – Boisko” programme by Middle School No. 4 and two pitch complexes in the “Moje Boisko – Orlik 2012” project host more and more sports and recreation events. These include the “Masters Rumia” Swimming Competition, the National Aquathlon, and activities in the Orlik Academy and a competition for the Cup of PM Donald Tusk.

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