Can cycling during autumn and winter can be enjoyable, or is it rather an activity for thrill seekers?

Czesław Lang: – Cycling can always be enjoyable. Of course, in autumn or winter, weather can be rough, but if it’s not currently raining cats and dogs, or there is no blizzard, you can really enjoy your bike ride. They say there is no bad weather for cycling, only bad clothes, and it’s somewhat true. Fortunately, nowadays it’s not a big issue. When we assemble our gear, all we have left to do is to hop on our bicycle. I know what I’m talking about, I cycle regularly, also during autumn and winter, and I can say that it gives me a lot of pleasure.

How to prepare your bicycle for a trip if the weather is bad?

-Very much depends on the terrain. Different things need to be done to prepare a bicycle for a flat road, and different in case of cross-country trip. Bicycle workshops will quickly fit our bikes with proper tires, but we have to keep several other things in mind, such as proper lubrication. If we’re planning to ride after dark, it’s good to remember to check our lights. In low temperatures, batteries get depleted more easily.

In winter, we often are unable to ride because of heavy snow. Wanting to keep in shape, we are often forced to go to the gym. Is a cycling training without a bicycle restricted only to a stationary bike?

-Not necessarily, there are many different ways to build up the so-called “base” before the season. These include spinning, training with music, under a watchful eye of an instructor, and in nice company. However, a cyclist will be drawn to a bicycle anyway, and the stationary ones are a good alternative when there is no option to go outside. However, riding a bicycle outdoors is the best form of this activity. Indoor activities have their advantages too, though. Most importantly, it’s warm, although no ventilator put in front of a cyclist will replace real wind. However, stationary bikes allow you to precisely execute certain exercises.

Have you any favourite autumn routes in Pomorskie?

-I shall not enumerate one, two, or even three favourite routes, because there is a lot of them. Sometimes you think that you already know everything, but there is still much to discover and explore. It’s a beautiful region, and it’s even easier to fall in love with it from a bicycle’s perspective. There are lovely spots literally everywhere, and they make you want to come back. I have been observing this region closely for a long time, and I see how it has developed without losing anything from its unique character.

Among all the cycling routes of Pomorskie it’s hard to decide on the best one. It’s better if you choose something for yourselves, take your family, friends, and go. After all…

Pomorskie! You’re in for a spin


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