Rocket Launcher Museum in Rabka

During World War II there was a German testing ground here, where German researchers tested the anti-rocket Rheintochter (“Daughter of the Rhine”) and battle Rheinbote (“Messenger of the Rhine”).

In the museum you will find: an exhibition of a ground-to-ground missile, which was excavated 1.5 km from the Slowinski National Park training ground; some buildings from the period of World War II; the remains of command bunker; some fragments of fired rocket launcher with visible funnel channels of the coolant; the foundations of radars of Rheingold and Mannheim Reiss as well as foundations of the assembly hall serving for the construction of anti-aircraft missile.

After the war the training ground was taken over by the Soviet army. In the years 1967-1974 a Station Survey Jet Leba functioned here testing meteorological rocket prototypes. Other Nazi rocket training ground is Rocket Launcher V3, which is located on the island of Wolin.

Missile Museum is frequently visited by tourists who travel to Dune Łacka located 2 km further.

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