Saints Peter and Paul’s Church in Konarzyny

The evidence of it is an old seal with a so-called stamping plant and a handle, representing the two Apostles – Saints Peter and Paul. The way it was manufactured – from one piece of iron – indicates that it dates back to the 18th Century.

This little church is the centre of religious life of the residents of Konarzyny and the neighbouring villages and, due to the efforts of the current Parish Priest, Father Marek Weltrowski, the church has regained its old lustre.

Upon entering this Baroque church, the thing that immediately catches your attention is the painted ceiling and the plethora of paintings surrounding the side altars. The main altar is decorated with an icon of the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus. The side altar of St. Joseph is especially worth seeing, with the paintings of Saints Joseph and Roch from the second half of the 18th Century, by an unknown artist, of carved and polychromed wood in the Regency-Rococo style (a transitional style between Baroque and Rococo, late Baroque). During the renovation of the altar, damaged portraits of the church’s Patron Saints were found, dating back to 1718. You should also take a closer look at the recently-renovated altar of the Most Holy Heart of Jesus Christ and a rood beam over the presbytery (a rood beam – a beam in the chancel arch, usually wooden, with a crucifix placed on it, with the figures of Virgin Mary and St. John the Apostle (the so-called Crucifixion Group) on the sides.

Another valuable relic is the bell from 1749 and a silver chalice from 1636 engraved with 36 letters, which probably stand for its donors. The organ in the choir used to be a part of the Sąpolin church.

Autor: CIT Ziemia Chojnicka

Foto: R.Baranowski, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP

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