The Lake Małe Łowne Reserve

Particular protection has been extended over the plants of high sphagnum peats and sedge mires surrounded by marshy coniferous forests with plants characteristic of a water body in an early stage of being covered by sphagnum quagmire. The lake, which is located within the conservation area, is a kettle lake, which means it has an early postglacial origin, and was formed in a hollow created after ice masses melted. It is very clean and has an acidic reaction. Małe Łowne is an oligohumus lake, with a maximum depth of 7 metres, and its shoreline is poorly developed. The reserve may be accessed by one of the unmarked cycling routes found throughout the Zaborski Landscape Park, the “Necklace of the North” (Naszyjnik Północy) Greenway cycling route, or a water route on the Brda. Entrance to the reserve is allowed only upon the individual consent granted by the Voivodeship Governor.

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