The Forest Ranger Cemetery in Pyszno

All these principles are associated with the history of the foundation of one of the most interesting locations in Bytów Kashubia -the Forest Ranger Cemetery, located in the “Beech Hill on Pyszno” reserve.

Otto Smalian and Friedrich Oldberg served together in the ranks of the Prussian army, where they were joined by eternal friendship. They swore that regardless of their future, they would be buried in the same cemetery. After completing their military service, they both held important positions in forest services. In 1874, Otto Smalian was the forest inspector in Sierpno. He found serious inconsistencies in the inspectorate’s documentation; however, despite all-night-long examinations, he failed to find a mistake in the accounts. His sense of honour forced him to commit suicide. As a result, he was not qualified for burial in a Christian cemetery and was laid to rest on Beech Hill.

Oldberg died four years later and was buried next to his friend in compliance with his will. This gave birth to the tradition of burying forest people in the forest cemetery. The last funeral took place in 1939. The cemetery hosts 31 graves of people who bound their lives with the forest.

This unique place surrounded with a mysterious beech forest is definitely worthy of a visit…

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