An ideal location and a rich history promote the development of Puck as a touristically-important town of Pomerania. The Bay of Puck offers various water sports – sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and a well-developed infrastructure, like a windsurfing base and a sailing harbour, increase Puck’s popularity among the enthusiasts of these sports. During the whole season there are numerous sailing events, organised by the Sea Scout Centre (Harcerski Ośrodek Morski), with its headquarters near the harbour.

There is also a small fishing harbour in the neighbourhood, where a symbolic wedding pole is located in remembrance of Poland’s Wedding to the Sea, carried out by Gen. Haller on 10 February 1920, with a proud bust of the “Blue General”. The fishing harbour is also a perfect vantage point onto the bay and a monumental Gothic parish church overlooking the harbour.

The parish church of St. Peter and St. Paul, from the 14th-15th Century, is the town’s most valuable historic building. The interior is beautifully decorated, with the 18th-Century main altar and the chapel of Wejherowie. Each year, for the church fair of St. Peter and St. Paul, all the Kashubians from the Hel Peninsula come here. This event, called the Sea Pilgrimage of the Fishermen, is very popular among tourists, who come to Puck to take part in these celebrations.

Apart from the harbour and the marina, the most important place in Puck is the market square. In recent years, carefully renovated, it is considered to be the town’s showpiece. In the square there is a Neo-Gothic Town Hall and tenements from the 18th-19th Centuries. In the square’s eastern frontage, the so-called Middle-Class Tenement (Kamienica Mieszczańska) there is a Museum of Puck Region, with exhibitions illustrating the history of Puck. Nearby, on Wałowa Street, in a historic hospital, there is the museum’s ethnographic department, and on Zamkowa Street there are remains of the Teutonic Castle of that time.

The neighbourhood of Puck encourages active tourism. Apart from the water sports, there are perfect conditions for bicycle and walking. There is a popular bicycle trail from Puck to the Hel Peninsula, and pedestrian trails- the blue trail along the bay into Wejherowo, the black trail to Krokowa through Darżlubska Wilderness and the yellow one to Swarzewo.

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