Pomorskie: Nature with many faces

Pomorskie: Nature with many faces

Among numerous treasures of Pomorskie voivodeship, nature is the most valuable one. The local nature surprises with its diversity and richness of places perfectly protected from the widely understood consequences of the development of human civilization.


On a national scale, Pomorskie is distinguished by clean air and broad actions in aid of ecology, and what’s important, a well-developed tourist infrastructure exposes to visitors various charms of nature, all the while respecting its rights and needs.
There would not be so many well-preserved ecosystems in Pomorskie if it wasn’t for the numerous environmental protection areas, which cover an area of nearly 600,000 hectares, which constitutes almost 1/3 of the whole voivodeship. Amateurs of communing with wildlife will find two national parks (Słowiński, Bory Tucholskie), as well as eleven landscape parks and 134 nature reserves, covering the whole region with their network. All this creates a huge potential for nature tourism, which in the era of digitalization and urbanization is experiencing its renaissance in spite of the times.

Słowiński National Park, fot: pomorskie.travel

Pomorskie region, as the name suggests, is an over 300 kilometres long coast of the Baltic Sea with numerous beaches, encouraging to relax blissfully in the summer, and during the rest of the year to stroll and inhale beneficial for health iodine. Apart from the most popular resorts such as Sopot, Krynica Morska, Ustka, Władysławowo or Jastarnia stretching along the Baltic Sea, less known seaside corners, interestingly integrated into the coastline, also have a lot to offer.
Around 36 percent of the voivodeship’s area is made up of forests, often adjacent to enchanting waters. They are home to many species of wild animals, including rare ones, which can be observed and photographed. For adrenaline seekers an interesting idea is hunting, which is deeply rooted in Pomorskie’s tradition. After all, the forests and meadows here are full of animals, which in appropriate periods can be caught. Fishermen can also successfully develop their passion – fishing grounds across the voivodeship can be densely populated with valued fish species such as perches, tenches, roaches, pikes, zanders and breams.

Tricity Landscape Park, fot: M.Bieliński

The nature of Pomorskie is also an ideal scenery for various sports and recreational activities. Countless hiking, cycling, equestrian and water trails await the willing, offering simply phenomenal conditions for taking care of one’s shape. Here, everyone will feel a breeze of invigorating energy, which makes you come alive and…. is addictive. No wonder that everyone who at least once felt harmony with the Pomorskie’s nature, wants to come back here. 


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