Tucholskie Forest National Park and its offer

Tucholskie Forest National Park

Tucholskie Forest National Park located in the southern part of Pomorskie Voivodship is one of the most beautiful, most pristine and wild areas of Pomerania. It delights with a wealth of flora and fauna, enchants with the sound of singing birds and the noise of trees. Not all the park is opened for the visitors, so it is worth seeing the parts that you can visit.

Lakes, dunes, forests, peat bogs-Tucholskie Forest National Park is one of the 23 national parks in Poland. It occupies an area of more than 46 square kilometres, and the protected area around it is even three times bigger. Forests are more than 83% of this terrain. Although Pine dominates here, the Oak “Bartek” is the oldest tree and a kind of natural monument. There are also magnificent lakes here which accounts for more than 11% of the area. There are 21 water reservoirs here. The largest Ostrowite Lake with Charzykowskie Lake lead to the Seven Lakes Stream.

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In the park you can meet both deers and hares. The singing of the larks is heard from everywhere, as the nest has more than 80 species of birds.

The Park is visited from dawn to dusk, walking through only the designated tourist routes and educational pathways.

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Activities in the National park

The Tucholskie Forest National Park should be visited mainly on foot. Walking and hiking in the park is the most popular form of activity. However, the park can also be explored on the bicycle. You can arrive on your own single-track or rent one in the office in Charzykowy.

Na terenie parku znajdziemy dobrze oznakowane szlaki piesze i rowerowe, fot. PT/Mateusz Ochocki

Fishing in the national park is a real treat for this discipline lovers. Fortunately, the park authorities allow amateur fishing. However, a special permit is required. Once you have received them, you must adhere to strictly defined catch rules. Fish can only be caught by the day with two fishing rods from the shore. Quantitative restrictions on catches of fish are introduced and fishing eel or sander is strictly forbidden. Fishing is allowed on lakes: Ostrowite, Jelen, Plesno, Skrzynka.
For the sake of nature, even if you want to shoot a movie or photograph the area, you should try to get the right permission.

Educational activities

The Tucholskie Forest National Park is a sensational place to learn about the nature. Activities in nature are offered to pupils of different ages-from kindergarten to teenager. The youngest will learn to recognize the seasons and learn how plants and animals behave in a specific time of the year. Children from grades I-III attend classes with two blocks: natural and artistic. The park staff will teach how to recognize species of birds, trees, shards and mushrooms. During the art classes, students will create an ecological bag or learn the secrets how to make a handmade paper. Similar classes, but at an appropriately higher level, are also offered to young people, including high school pupils.

Classes are free of charge, but You have to book them in advance.

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Since 1997, the Tucholskie Forest National Park is available for scientists. Numerous scientific studies are being conducted here. The rules for obtaining exploration permits are fairly restrictive.

Access to the Tucholskie Forest National Park is payable.

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