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Orłowo A Polish riviera

Orłowo is an exceptional district of Gdynia, where you can experience the intact atmosphere of a spring and summer seaside resort of the 20s. Such atmosphere, unpretentious and a bit artistic, and beautiful surroundings attract a number of visitors. Whether you’re after aesthetic experiences, walking among seaside townhouses, or you’re a fashion buff – you’ll find it all here.

There are many beaches in the Tricity, but the one in Orłowo is second to none. The most characteristic spot in Orłowo is a sea cliff covered with trees and shrubs. And even though it can’t compare to Scandinavian fjords, it is a must-see here. Its uniqueness is related to the fact that the cliff is covered with the woods and it towers above the narrow beach. The main part of Orłowo is the boulevard, the pier and exceptional Art Nouveau townhouses at the bottom of the hill.

At the beginning, Orłowo was a small fishing village. It became a seaside resort at the end of the 19th century, when a trend for going to the seaside for health and recreation emerged among the bourgeoisie. Before the Second World War, in the interwar period, Orłowo was the favourite getaway of an eminent Polish novelist, Stefan Żeromski. He came there in 1920 and settled in a wooden house that had previously been a fishing house. That season Orłowo became the meeting spot of writers and artists who visited him. The house where he stayed was named after its visitor as Żeromski’s House. These days, it houses a cosy café with a terrace overlooking the bay.

Opposite to Żeromski’s House, in another wooden house, there is Tawerna Orłowska – an excellent restaurant with a vast array of dishes, including various fishes and seafood, including lobsters. Another asset of the restaurant is the view of the sea.

Last but not least, Orłowo is a great place for shopping. Klif, a shopping centre located in a walking distance from the beach, houses a number of carefully selected popular Polish and foreign chain stores, premium brand stores, as well as designer outlets. It’s all about fashion here. Klif is a perfect place to find a stylish outfit for a reasonable price. And for maximalists, there is the Riviera Centre, located a few kilometres away, which is the largest shopping centre in the Northern Poland. Riviera houses all types of stores and it’s situated in the vicinity of the city centre.

Sylwia Gutowska

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