Fishing offers

Fishing offers

A fishing trip to Pomorze? It’s a great idea! It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced fisher or if you’re only getting your feet wet – in local lakes, rivers and ponds, you will surely reach your goal in the shape of an impressive specimen. This trip can be an unforgettable adventure, that is why it is worth to plan it even today. The offer is really extensive because there’s an abundance of places to cast the fishing rod in. Clear water, clean air, peace, great fishing and touristic infrastructure – these are undisputed advantages of pomorskie fisheries. See for yourself what are the most attractive options for a fishing escapade which can be combined with seeing other attractions of the region.


► Weekend with a fishing rod and embroidery in Karasiowo Fishery

In a place where years ago peat was harvested for the need of heating the houses, today there is an ecological agritourism farm Karasiowo. Silence, peace, nature and an adventure with a fishing rod – Karasiowo fishery combines all of this. You can catch little fish here in the training pond for children or cracking Prussian carps and metre-long pikes, while boating on a big pond. You can also try your hand at one of the seven specially prepared fishing spots on island tips, while observing a wild shore, which is often visited by local animals. You can also come here for fishing competition or go back here every year like a pair of cranes which lays its eggs on a floating island! Also, nothing is in the way to take part in Kashubian embroidery workshops, which – as fishing – demands steadiness and patience. In the agritourism lodging located in the XIX century house, we can not only spend a night but also prepare a meal for family or friends. Better together!

The offer includes:

– a 2 night stay in a XIX c. house, one room on a ground floor and one on a 1st floor in the XIX c. building, a total of 9 accommodation places (single beds and double beds, a sofa for two), two bathrooms, a porch with a place to keep fishing rods and fishing attire, as well as garden with an altar and a place to relax,

– fishing on “no kill” rules (fish species: Prussian carps, tenches, carps, pikes, roaches, perches),

– specially stocked training pond for children,

– watching birds and animals from a tree stand, boating with a guide and observing rare protected plants located on floating islands (depends on the weather conditions),

– self-catering – at guests disposal dinging room with a kitchenette (fridge, oven, microwave, set of dishes); after a talk with the hosts, an option of barbecue or bonfire.

Additional options:

– Kashubian embroidery – crafting workshops with an embroideress; 200 PLN for 4 hours of workshop.


220 PLN/person*

*price for a weekend from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning (the price does not include embroidery workshop)

Contact us:

ul. Niedamowo 17, 83-423 Niedamowo

tel.: + 48 694 493 310, + 48 694 493 315



► Lake Niedźwiadek

Located on the territory of Hotel Niedźwiadek in Wdzydze, a small subglacial lake with the area of 3,2 hectares, is a perfect place to relax for fishing enthusiasts. The reservoir is surrounded from every side with a picturesque forest, which creates an unusual feeling of communion with a living nature. Numerous fishing spots create great conditions for fishing, and in the fish stock is dominated by tench, Prussian carp, roach, perch and pike. By the lake, there is stretched a walking trail, and nature enthusiasts will be additionally interested in a poor fen. On the spot you can accommodate in comfortably furnished hotel rooms or houses. Fishing permits can be bought in the hotel reception – hotel guests can use the fishery free of charge.

The offer includes:

– an overnight stay in a comfortably furnished room or house,

– all-day board in a hotel restaurant,

– a permission for round-the-clock fishing in lake Niedźwiadek.

Contact us:

Hotel Niedźwiadek

ul. Stolema 2, 83 – 406 Wdzydze Kiszewskie

tel.: +48 58 686 13 13



► “U Miecia” agritourism

A traditional farm is located in a picturesque neighbourhood on Kashubia. Cheap lodging on the edge of Stary Barkoczyn village ensure peace, space and clean air. At guests disposal are 4 double rooms (bathroom in the hallway) and wholly equipped kitchen. If you wish, there can be ensured board – tasty, home-cooked dinners.

During the season, at the guests disposal is also a little chalet – for 4 people. The hosts have their own pond and lake, where you can fish (for a fee), swim, go boating or pedalling on water. Guests can also rent touristic bikes – perfect for longer trips in the forest area. An additional attraction is an option of taking part in a hunting (the host is a hunter), as well as game dishes tasting. One who prefers bloodless hunts, can in turn watch the animals from a tree stand.

The offer includes:

– accommodation in a double room,

– an option of board,

– fishing in a pond or lake.

Contact us:

Agroturystyka „U Miecia”

ul. Stary Barkoczyn 24

Nowy Barkoczyn

tel.: +48 505 19 99 74



► „Rybaczówka” Joanna i Dariusz Męczykowscy

A charming “Rybaczówka” is located on Kashubia, in a beautifully located locality Grabówko, by the Gdańsk Południe – Kościerzyna route. The facility offers guests 4 double rooms with a view of Kamiony lake. The location of the facility by the lake favours relax in the bosom of nature through fishing and water offer.

The offer includes:

– traditional fishing from the shore or from a boat, on ice, traditional net fishing or trawling,

– relax on the water – boats, kayaks, water bikes (an option to rent the equipment),

– accommodation in Rybaczówka – rooms on the 1st floor with a view of the lake,

– regional cuisine.

Contact us:


Jezioro Kamiony, Grabówko 54/1

tel.: +48 721 400 420


► “Kaszubskie Chrósty” agritourism farm

A special place in Nowa Kiszewa in the kościerski county is located in the area that favours not only long walks but also spending time actively. In a not distant area of Kościerzyna and Olpucha, there is Chrósty, which attract with clear lakes and beautiful forests with numerous trails or bike trails. In the offer the agritourism offers guests three wonderfully furnished and cosy wooden houses on Kashubia – each one can host from 4 do 6 people. Additionally, guests can use four rooms for 2, 3 and 4 people, as well as wholly equipped kitchen, bathroom, spacious living room and dining room. The hosts offer an option of tasting regional Kashubian cuisine, as well as enjoying a lot of activities, including fishing or organization of river canoeing on the Wda and Wieżysko rivers.

The offer includes:

– a 2 night stay in houses or rooms,

– all-day, home-cooked board,

– free parking,

– an option of fishing.


2-day stay in rooms with bathrooms with board for a group up to 3 people: 180 PLN/person

2-day stay in rooms with bathrooms for a group of 5-9 people – 160 PLN/person

2-day stay in houses without board for a group of 4 people: 400 PLN

2-day stay in rooms with bathrooms for two people without board: 160 PLN

*price does not apply to Christmas

Contact us:

Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne “Kaszubskie Chrósty”

ul. Nowa Kiszewa, Chrósty 3, 83 – 430 Stara Kiszewa

tel.: +48 511 569 628, +48 506 592 029



► Lipy agritourism farm

Lipy agritourism farm is 6 hectares of ground next to the habitat, including 4 ha of the wooded park with an abundance of tree species. In a huge garden there are stocked ponds which will surely please fishing enthusiasts. After successful fishing, the hostess invites you for home-cooked meals, prepared with vegetables and fruits cultivated on the farm.

The offer includes:

– an overnight stay in rooms for 2 and 3 people,

– home-cooked board prepared by the hostess,

– an option to go fishing in stocked ponds.

Contact us:

Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne Lipy

Lipy 2, 83-430 Stara Kiszewa

tel.: +48 696 531 765



► “Koziołkowo” agritourism farm

Surrounding the centre charming and wild Bory Tucholskie is one of the biggest forest complexes in the whole country, at the same time a true treasure for nature enthusiasts. Agritourism Kaszuby Koziołkowo is a centre that offers accommodation places in house trailers located by the lake, charming replicas of village cottages and comfortably equipped, cosy rooms in pension. At fishing guests disposal there is also an amazing fishery consisting of seven ponds, in which fish for consumption and ornamental fish swim. Local waters are full of carps, tenches, catfish, trouts, grass carps, silvercarps, sturgeons, Prussian carps and easy on the eye colourful fish. Additionally, for horse riding enthusiasts, the farm offers friendly horses that are suitable for terrain rides and on lunge.

The offer includes:

– an overnight stay in the pension, a Kashubian cottage or a house by the lake,

– local cuisine,

– an option to go fishing in a fishery.

Contact us:

Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne Koziołkowo

ul. Bartoszylas 43B, 83-430 Stara Kiszewa

tel.: +48 58 687 60 55, +48 607 516 951



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