Kartuzy – the capital of Kashuby?

The origin of Kartuzy and its name are closely connected with the Carthusian Order . In 1382 Jan of Rozecino, the owner of the lands in that area, brought from Prague the Carthusian Order that built in this area a group of monastery buildings called ‘The paradise of Mary’. The central building of that group was a gothic shrine – presently a collegiate with a unique roof shaped like a coffin lid. Around the monastery premises, over the centuries there grew a settlement that slowly became the centre of a social, political, economical and cultural life. In 2012 there was a 630th anniversary of this monastery settlement.

In 2013 there was celebrated 90th anniversary of granting city rights to Kartuzy that were granted due to the determination of its inhabitants in 1923. Today the city is the seat of the authorities of the gmina: the provost of Kartuzy and the poviat : the starost of poviat of Kartuzy. Gmina of Kartuzy is inhabited by over 31 000 of people, with over 15 000 living in the city of Kartuzy.

A great source of knowledge about Kashubian culture are rich ethnographic resources of the Kasubian Museum in Kartuzy. Two exhibits are especially popular with the visitors to the museum: Kashubian ABC – or Kashubian music notes, and folk musical instruments ‘burczybas’ and ‘devil’s violins’. Another original and unique quality of Kashubian culture is its language that can be heard on the streets of Kartuzy and read on bilingual city signs.

Kartuzy has a lot to offer to tourists ranging from water tourism, bicycle tourism, hiking to Nordic walking. The Centre of Water Sports and the Promotion of the Region in Zlota Gora in Brodnica Gorna is a perfect place for relaxation and spending free time as they offer the biggest in the Pomorskie region summer stage along with the amphitheatre and yacht marina. One of the events that take place there annually is Strawberry Picking Fest (Truskawkobranie), which is a traditional celebration of a strawberry attracting thousands of tourists at the turn of June and July. What is also worth experiencing is the Kartusian Festival of Organ and Chamber Music that takes place every July and August in a post-monastery collegiate. One must not miss visiting the Art Gallery Refectory which is situated in the old refectory of the monastery.

A tourist to the community of Kartuzy will definitely find something for him or herself. What is worth seeing is the village of Sianowo with its Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sianowo or the village of Strysza Buda with its Kashubian Park of Miniatures. For the fans of nature tourism it is recommended to see the area of Mirachowo ,and in particular Mirachowo woods with their eight nature reserves. One must also try the local ,delicious and healthy Kashubian cuisine without worrying about additional calories as they can be easily burnt on the Kartusian swimming pool Nëczk offering sauna and a gym facilities.


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