Jurata is the most-recently-populated area of the spit. The first buildings were erected only in the early 20th Century, but from then on construction has been carried out in a good and sophisticated fashion. Jurata is the most exclusive part of the Peninsula. It is here that famous politicians, sportsmen, journalists and artists spend their holidays. The place’s rank is also attested by the fact that the President of the Republic of Poland spends his holidays here. By design, this place was to attract wealthy people. Instead of small holiday resorts like in other parts of the Hel Scythe (Helska Kosa), the resorts built here were huge, with swimming pools, tennis courts, ballrooms and an entire recreational infrastructure. The Second World War interrupted the plans to built a cultural centre for the social elite. After the war, however, the works were continued, on the same scale they had been before 1939.

Currently, Jurata offers the tourists its finest feature, that is unlimited access to its waters. Cruises along the Bay of Puckin Pomeranka, a traditional sailboat, are a popular tourist attraction. Well organised water equipment rentals not only offer a wide range of surfing and kitesurfing accessories, but also water scooters and socialising events on water for everybody. For those preferring more tranquility, Jurata offers walks along the seaside promenade, the pier, and the entrance to the sightseeing tower with a beautiful view of the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, during the wartime action carried out in this area, all the historic buildings were destroyed, so for those who want to see the cultural sites, we suggest the nearby Jastarnia or Hel.

Everybody who visits Jurata will find a piece of the inter-war history of Poland, as well as recreation and relaxation, in this unique resort.

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