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Charzykowskie Lake

Charzykowskie Lake is treated as the cradle of Polish sailing and has significant part in its history. It is here where the first regatta in the Second Polish Republic were organised and the elimination to the Olympic in 1924 in Paris. Otto Weiland had his first ice slides in Poland on the Charzykowskie Lake, Chojnicki Sailing Club is one of the first here, in 2022 will be celebrating its 100 anniversary.

Marina in Charzykowy

Charzykowskie Lake is situated in the North – West of Tucholskie Forests , in the area of Zaborski Landscape Park,and it is not the only lake in this region… There are 47 more. Usually, those are small, lakes inside the forests, where You can get walking down the hiking, cycling or nature paths.

Brda estuary to the Chrzykowskie Lake, Foto: B.Chojęta

Nowadays, Charzykowy is an excellent centre of different kinds of activities including yacht club with very good infrastructure. There are regular sailing activities organised on the lake and the winter season is not the end of it. When the ice is thick enough there are iceboats competition organised there. The two lowly islands on the lake fulfil the landscape: the Island of Love and the Bachorska Island (from the place called Bachorze).

 Bachorska Island on the Charzykowskie Lake, Foto: B.Chojęta

Mylof dam

Mylof is a small but very important village in Tucholskie Forests. This is the place where Great Brda Canal begins, the long system of canals and water engineering facilities built mid XIX c. There is also a dam here which makes the river reach 12 m high!!!  It is the only stair dam in Poland, more about it You will find on our website Discover – Regions.

The Mylof Dam

Aqueduct in Fojutowo

The aqueduct is located on the border of two regions, the Pomeranian and West – Pomeranian. It is an unique example of the hydrologic architecture copied from the Romans’ and it is a crossroad of two water lanes – in the lower part Stuga River and the Great Brda Canal in the upper part. It is 75 m long and it is the only such device in Poland, the water level difference is 11 m. The aqueduct is open for the sightseeing only is special areas.

Aqueduct in Fojutowo

Pomeranian Stonehenge

Where did they come from? Why they were made? Were they a temple, a calendar or maybe a tomb of ancient tribes? For all these years archaeologists, historians, astronomers and even the biologists were investigating these areas many times, and even though We know a lot about them so far, We still are not sure…. What was the function of those stones? The beginnings of the “Stone Rings” reserve were in 1958 but the rings themselves go bat to the Roman times. Those are the biggest stone rings in Poland and second in Europe when size in concerned. The archaeological excavation proved that that was a cemetery of family tombs

Rezerwat Kamienne Kręgi

Find out more about Rezerwat Kamienne Kręgi


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