In summer Debki is full of beach goers and tourists , but outside of high season it is a haven of peace. The beach is empty and you can go for a stroll admiring the wonderful seaside landscape seasoned with a picturesque estuary of Piasnica river.

The main wildlife attraction of Debki is situated at the Piasnica river the reserve Piasnickie Meadows, with many preserved and protected valuable plants characteristic of small rivers, and oak and birch forests. Next to the bridge on Piasnica recently there was set a replica of the border post which stood in this place in the interwar period. In the close area, there is also an information board describing the problems of Polish border and Germany from the interwar times.

Piasnica River, that flows into the Baltic Sea through the Lake Żarnowieckie is perfectly suitable for canoeing. Piasnica watercourse is very shallow and calm therefore it is suitable for families rafting with children. The opening place for rafting is the sluice located at the bridge on the provincial road between Zarnowiec and Wierzchucin. Through Debki there also runs the International Cycling Route R-10 and the northern Kashubian bike trail, so cycling is a good alternative to relaxing on the beach.

In addition to natural, recreational and landscape attractions in Debki you can see some interesting examples of regional architecture. Before the war in 1935 a wooden church was built here, referring in its design to Kashubian patterns of architecture, with its interior designed by a sculptor from Wiele – Teodor Pliński. The simple décor of the church highlights wooden Stations of the Cross and the bas-relief of Our Lady of the Marine. During the war the altar was destroyed and was reconstructed later in 2009.

An interesting monument in the village is also a thatched Kashubian cottage, which dates back to the late 18th century. It is not open to the public, but with a little luck and good will from the owners there is a chance to see the house.

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