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The Wejherowo Calvary

The Kashubian Jerusalem is the third-oldest Calvary in Poland and one of the most valuable sacral monuments of Pomerania.

It is referred to as the spiritual capital of Kashubia, which has been visited by numerous pilgrims from the entire area throughout the centuries. It was founded by the Voivode of Malbork Jakub Wejher, who was the owner of this land in the 17th Century. The foundation of the Calvary and Wejherowo itself is associated with a legend. When he was participating in a war journey to Russia, Jakub Wejher was seriously wounded during the siege of the settlement of Biała. At that time, he swore that if he survived, he would found a temple and monastery on his land. He kept his oath and built the Holy Trinity Church 1643, which was followed by the Franciscan Monastery and the Calvary several years later.

The construction began in 1649. Most chapels were founded by Jakub Wejher himself. After his death, the expansion of the Cavalry was continued by his descendants, the clergymen from Wejherowo and the Oliwa monastery and others.

The Kashubian Jerusalem is composed of 26 chapels, which are located on the forested hills in the southern part of town. The distances between the chapels supposedly correspond to Christ’s Stations of the Cross in Jerusalem. There is a handful of Jerusalem ground under each structure. The hills hosting the chapels have biblical names, such as the Mount of Olives and Golgotha.

Architecturally, the chapels of the Wejherowo Calvary are among the unique works of baroque art in Pomerania. Some distinct buildings include the Ascension Day Chapel, the Gethsemane Garden, Pilate’s Palace,the Chapel of the Meeting with the Mother, Herod’s Palace, the Three Crosses Church and the Tomb of Christ.

The Kashubian Jerusalem is a place of numerous religious celebrations. Five church fairs take place here each year and the Stations of the Cross are conducted on each Friday of Lent. The Mystery of the Lord’s Suffering, held on Good Friday, is an exceptional event, which is expanding as a tourist attraction. This is a production of Christ’s Stations of the Cross with actors, extras and legions of pilgrims and tourists.


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