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The Mother of God Queen of Poland’s Church in Sominy

Forest, lake, fish, mushrooms, berries – these words bring natural recreation to mind. They are also a part of the nature of Sominy.

Sominy is a picturesque place, located between two lakes, 20 km to the south of Bytów. The name Sominy Lake has been present in documents since the year 1313; the village was founded in the 16th Century. It was inhabited by Evangelicals, who made up the Protestant enclave among the surrounding Catholic villages. Until 1945 Sominy was a German borderland village. After the war, the place of the Germans was taken by Kashubians.

A token of the former inhabitants is one of the most interesting churches of the Bytów lands, which was built in 1757 as a Lutheran community. The wooden church with a framework structure, the walls of which are covered with shingles, has two storeys and two-piece roofs, also covered with shingles. The church tower is a pillared structure covered with boards. The interior hosts the baroque, richly-decorated altar, which presents the painting of the crucified Christ. The tower holds two bells, one of which has an inscription in the Old Church Slavonic language.


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