Amber Soup

It is an exquisite fish soup, prepared on the basis of a vegetable stock. It consists of the most delicate part of fish – salmon and cod steaks, fucus (sea veggie) – a nutritious, but underrated alga and Baltic salmon caviar. A note of sea aroma is highlighted by the addition of amber tincture, which, apart from bringing out the taste values, allows the dish to stay fresh and tasty longer.


– Water – 3 l

– Kashubian dumplings – 0.5 kg

– Salmon – fillet 0.4 kg

– Cod – fillet 0.4 kg

– Mirepoix – 0.4 kg

– Fucus (Baltic) – 0.01 kg

– Coconut milk – 0.5 l

– Parsley – 0.01 kg

– Caviar (Baltic salmon) – 0.03kg

– Amber salt, pepper – 0.001 kg

– Amber tincture – 0.05 l

– Olive oil – 0.02 l

One serving weighs 400g

Nutritional facts for one serving:

kcal 344 g

protein 10.44

fat 17.23 g

carbohydrates 50.80 g


Soak the algae in a small amount of water. Boil the dumplings and strain. Sauté the vegetables on olives in a big pan. Pour in water and boil for 5 minutes. Dice the cleaned fillets and add to the broth, boil over small flame for ca. 5 minutes. Add dumplings, coconut milk, amber tincture, soaked algae and boil for a while. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Decorate the plate with caviar and parsley.


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