The Architecture of Wiejska Street in Hel

They are small, whitened houses, the creation of which is dated back to the first half of the 19th Century. Characteristically narrow gable walls always placed front-on to the street give these buildings a unique character. These one-storey buildings, without a basement, and with a half-timbered construction, have split doors specific to the architecture of this region, which constituted the entrance to the rooms. The narrow passages between the houses, and the gable roofs laid out with tiles and tapered chimneys, constitute the essence and uniqueness of this place. The interior of the cottages arranged in the theme of sea adventures adds flavour to their overall appearance.

Only a few buildings on Wiejska Street have survived until modern times, with the Maszoperia restaurant being one of such places worth recommending. The building complex was built in 1830. The two monument buildings have been extended with an additional room. Despite that fact it is a true replica of the decor of a typical fishermen’s cottage on Hel.

The central space inside the restaurant holds the buffet, along with the real portholes from a submarine incorporated into the front wall of the building. Tourists like this place due to the atmosphere of the restaurant and the amazing decor. You do not have to go to a museum to see or touch fishing nets hanging under the ceiling, lamps which illuminated the decks of ships in the past or a steering wheel which directed cutters to the port. The old sideboards contain elements that once constituted the equipment of boats, such as clocks, bells or sweepers. A mast entwined by ropes is stretched between the lamps and there are paintings presenting life in an old checza on Hel, numerous mugs, oil lamps, rope knots, compasses, surveying compasses and drawings of the historical appearance of the settlement.

All these and many other items, elements and souvenirs found inside Maszoperia, constitute the essence and uniqueness of this place. Additionally, the kitchen serving Kashubian dishes also attracts tourists to make a visit. All you need to do to transport yourself to the magical times of the chëcza and fishing traditions on Hel is go to 110 Wiejska Street on Hel.


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