The sea and well-developed tourist infrastructure are a tourist magnet for Władysławowo. The whole commune offers over 50 thousand accommodation places, which puts it in the forefront of the Pomeranian Voivodeship in this category. Sun and sea enthusiasts have numerous guarded seaside resorts at their disposal, stretched along 23 km of beaches. The beaches are wide and clean, with catering and sanitary services.

Among the greatest attractions here are the picturesque beaches, some of which are located at the base of steep cliffs, while others are covered with rocks. In terms of landscape and nature, the Ravine of Chłapowo (Wąwóz Chłapowski) is especially valuable, and constitutes a unique nature reserve and an exceptional viewpoint.

In the city centre, the main attraction is the tower of the Fisherman’s Hut , overlooking the entire neighbourhood, visible from a distance of several kilometres. There is a vantage point at the top, and a butterfly museum is located on the lower level. Nearby, there is a fishing and yacht harbour, with a promenade along the pier. The harbour is accessible to tourists, who can look closely at the work in the harbour halls and warehouses. There are many colourful fishing boats and pieces of fishing equipment, which adds to the incredible harbour character of the place.

Among the places worth visiting is the Sports Stars Alley (Aleja Gwiazd Sportu), where the most famous Polish sportsmen have their own commemorative bronze stars. Nearby, there is the monumental church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, erected in the 1960’s. It is one of the most interesting examples of the Modernist architecture of those times. There is also a residence of the famous general Józef Haller, in which he lived in the 1920’s, with a memorial exhibition room of the “Blue Army” (“”Błękitnej Armii”). The general himself initiated the construction of the seaside resort, named Hallerowo, in honour of him.

Władysławowo is a resort with sporting traditions. For over 50 years, there has been the Cetniewo Olympic Preparation Centre, where our sportsmen improve their condition before their departure to important competitions. There is also an amusement park, one of the biggest such parks in Pomerania, located near the Fisherman’s Hut. Within the administrative borders of Władysławowo, there are also popular recreational resorts, like Karwia, Jastrzębia Góra, Chłapowo, Rozewie and Chałupy.

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