The Vistula Cycle Path

This project calls for cooperation between the eight Voivodeships whose administrative area is traversed by the Vistula. Above all, the project strives to promote cycle tourism and the environmental and cultural resources available in every sub-region adjoining the river. The Vistula Cycle Path is planned to be a bike trail which will facilitate a sightseeing trip across Poland, starting from the Vistula source in the Beskid Mountains and ending at its very mouth in the Baltic Sea. The considerable distance of over 1,000km evidences the supra-regional and nationwide character of this undertaking. The trail is to be completed by 2015.

In the Pomorskie Voivodeship the Vistula Cycle Path is to measure 90km in length (taking one river bed into account) and will link two existing biking and hiking trails – the Motławski Trail across the Żuławy Wiślane, the Mennonite Trail, the Arcade House Trail, the Wincenty Pol Cycle Path and the Lower Vistula hiking/cycling trail. It will pass across three mesoregions – the Vistula Split, Żuławy Wiślane (the Vistula Fens) and the Kwidzyń Valley.


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