Piwna Street in Gdańsk

It exists in documents from the 14th Century as a curved road. Back then it led to the primeval ferry crossing through the Motława, and now it has become one of the most beautiful streets in the Main City, with numerous restaurants, coffee shops, bars and pubs. Initially it functioned as Piekarska Street, then as Chlebowa Street until finally in the 15th Century a division was made. The lower part became Chlebowa Street, currently known as Chlebnicka Street, while the upper part became Jopejska Street, named after the Jopen beer produced by brewers living on that street, which is currently known as Piwna Street.

The beauty and charm of this boardwalk is confirmed by the glamorous end of the street. On one side the marvellous Grand Armoury, while on the other the tower of the St. Mary’s Basilica soaring over the city. Walking down the street you can find various historical town houses, which were inhabited by famous citizens of Gdańsk. At the very beginning, 1 Piwna Street, you can admire the Ended family house, the façade of which displays illustrated notions of love, wisdom, justice and devotion, the personifications of races and the four temperaments. A little further, under number 8, up until 1945 there was a Wedel printing office, where the first Polish alphabet was created. On the corner of Piwna and Lektykarska Streets there is the legendary “Red Steed” house. The crest in the portal of the town house at No. 16 reminds people that it belonged to the Grodek family, which originated from Silesia. Karol Schultz was born and lived in building number 25. The talents of this famous painter, a graduate of the Artistic School in Gdańsk, contributed to the renovation and reconstruction of monuments destroyed during World War II. His paintings depicting Gdańsk streets helped to restore the former urban landscape. The support area of the Artus Court is the former Targ Wąchany. They trade products, the quality of which is being checked by smell. The balustrade of the house at No. 54, which once belonged to the grandfather of the famous philosopher Andrzej Schopenhauer, portrays a magnificent portrayal of a storm at sea.

Piwna Street is currently one of the most travelled streets in the Main City. During the summer it becomes a boardwalk, while in the winter you can visit one of many coffee houses for a hot chocolate or regional sweets.


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