Kashubian Switzerland (Szwajcaria Kaszubska)

The characteristic element of this landscape are picturesque glacial lakes and forested hills with some small villages in between. The whole area of Kashubian Switzerland (Szwajcaria Kaszubska) is located in the Kashubian Landscape Park which was founded to protect wildlife, historical, cultural and landscape elements.

Natural wealth of Kashuby are its numerous glacial lakes, which connected by rivers and streams make up one of Poland’s most beautiful waterways. One of them is called “Raduńskie loop” – a trail connecting 14 lakes (e.g. Lake Raduńskie, Ostrzyckie, Brodno Wielkie , Kłodno, Patulskie), providing an unforgettable experience for the fans of canoeing and sailing. Extensive forests covering a wealth of nature, numerous nature reserves with unique vegetation invite to cycling, walking and horse riding forms of tourism. Beautiful Kashubian lakes also encourage to a less active leisure, or simply lounging on the shore or pier and to swimming.

The main advantage of the Kashubian Switzerland is its topography. From the denivelation point of view there is a piedmont landscape. Numerous hills and valleys interwoven densely with glacial lakes make it unique on a national scale natural landscape. The richly forested Szymbarskie hills with the highest elevation on a Central European Lowland – Wiezyca (328.6 m a.s.l) are considered the most picturesque area. This magnificent landscape can be admired from several vantage points located throughout the Kashuby region. The most popular places of this type include: observation tower on Wiezyca, viewpoints in Sobotka, Jastrzebia Gora, Zlota Gora, Tamowa Gora and Zamkowa Gora.

Kashubian Switzerland is not only beautiful nature but also unique, widely recognized Kashubian culture and tradition. Folk art, in particular Kashubian embroidery, painting and ceramics have lots of fans. A peculiar attraction is also cherished by residents of local communities Kashubian language. Regional museums such as the Museum of Kashuby in Kartuzy the Museum of the Necel’s in Chmielno present to tourist a rich cultural heritage of Kashuby. The real cultural peculiarity of Kashubian Switzerland is, however, the Centre for Education and Region Promotion in Szymbark where Kaszubian culture takes almost global dimension. Here you can see unusual objects such as the world’s longest plank house built upside down, a replica of the bunker Ptasia Wola or the House of Siberian(Sybirak).


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