Tourist trails in Pomorskie – offers

A hike across Northern Poland

Aktiv Tours Reisen Sp. Z o.o. invites you on a hike across Northern Poland. The participants will start it with a walk in Elbląg with a guide and sightseeing of the cathedral of Saint Nicholas. For the next day a walking trip along the canal to Buczyniec village is planned, where there is a slipway built by Georg Jacob Steenke, as well as sightseeing of Morąg. On the next day, a good time will be provided by Frombork, along with  the Archcathedral Basilica, as well as a cruise on a ship to Krynica Morska. For the fourth day a trip along the Wisła to Świbno is planned, as well as a ferry crossing across the  Wisła. The next point in the itinerary is a hike to an ornithological station in Mewia Łacha nature reserve in Sobieszewo. On the next day a walking sightseeing tour of the Old Town in Gdańsk with St. Mary’s Church is planned. After the visit to the church, a trip is planned to Oliwa, to visit a well-known local Arch Cathedral and an organ concert. Then it’s time for Sopot, and for the longest wooden pier in Europe. We will go along the beach from the pier in Sopot to the Gdańsk district of Brzeźno or cross through the forest in Trójmiejski Park Krajobrazowy [Tri-City Landscape Park]. The sixth day will be spent under the banner of “Kashubia”. The trip will start with sightseeing in Kartuzy, and then a hike to Ostrzyce is planned, which will welcome us with a beautiful lake. After regaining some energy, the participants will take part in the next walk to Pierszczewo. The day will conclude in Żukowo with a folklore supper with live music. On the last day, the moving dunes in Słowiński Park Narodowy will provide a lot of fun.

Gdańsk by night, Długie Pobrzeże fot.

The offer includes:

– a 3 night-stay with HB in Elbląg Hotel ****,

– a 4 night-stay with HB in Gdańsk in Dom Muzyka Hotel ***,

– 1 folklore supper in Kashubia with live music and a welcoming drink – in place of HB,

– 1 supper in the Old Town in Gdańsk – in place of HB,

– the guidance of an English-speaking courier throughout the whole programme,

– bus transport according to the programme,

– sightseeing in Elbląg with an entry to Saint Nicholas Cathedral,

– a cruise on a ship on Elbląg Canal,

– an entry to the Cathedral in Frombork,

– a ferry crossing across the Wisła river,

– sightseeing in Gdańsk with entrances to St. Mary’s Basilica, Oliwa Archcathedral with an organ concert,  entry to the pier in Sopot,

– a whole-day trip to Łeba with entry to Słowiński Park Narodowy and an electric bus transfer.


Price for one person in a double room:

– at least 10 people – from 720 EUR

– at least 15 people – from 621 EUR

– at least 20 people – from 610 EUR

– at least 25 people – from 572 EUR

– at least 30 people – from 547 EUR

Additionally a fee for a single room: 127 EUR


Contact us:


Jaśkowa Dolina 114, 80-286 Gdańsk

phone: +48 58 344 38 79 w. 10, +48 607 808 183




Rybacka Scheda i Światło Latarni [Fishing Legacy and Lighthouse Light]

The borough of Smłodzino is a perfect area for walking and hikes – Słowiński Park Narodowy [Słowiński National Park] with lakes Gardno, Łebsko, Dołgie Wielkie and Dołgie Małe constitutes an amazing landscape for hikes. That’s why Zdrowe Koła offer a walking exploration of the attractions of the whole area. The expedition will start with a visit to a local smokehouse, where you can learn about the secrets of the traditional method of smoking fish, as well as to get to know the taste of fresh products. After this culinary element, it is time for a tourist asset, that is a visit in Czołpino Lighthouse and a trip across the moving dunes, which will provide unforgettable impressions.

View from the Czołpino lighthouse, fot.

The offer includes:

– The services of a guide

– a sandwich with fish paste in Meduza Smokehouse,

– Entry to the lighthouse,

– The fee for entry to the terrain of Słowiński Park Narodowy.


Contact us:


Juliusza Słowackiego 32, 76 – 213 Gardna Wielka

phone: + 48 603 548 994, + 48 606 891 668



Weekend in the forest

An unusual weekend, in the course of which the participants will not only get to know each other better, but also experience an unforgettable forest adventure. Within the offer trips to the forest are planned, with an instructor who will show us how to survive in the forest, build a fire or prepare a shelter. The participants will also learn which plants are of the edible variety and what the letters and numbers on poles in the forest mean. To common activities will also be added the preparation of one’s camp site. A shared joy and overcoming of challenges, like ,for example crossing the rope bridge over the river, will ensure unforgettable emotions. The next day will belong to the stable of Runowo Palace, where under the watchful eye of an instructor, the participants will learn some fun facts about horses. There is also the possibility of a horse ride or a hayrack ride in the forest.

The offer includes:

– bed and board in Pałac pod Bocianim Gniazdem,

– access to facility’s infrastructure,

– service in English,

– an airport pick-up (additional cost: 700 PLN),

– a transfer from PKP Lębork (free),

– the possibility to modify the offer to suit the group.



Weekend stay – 250 PLN/person with a group of at least 18 people.


Contact us:

Ośrodek Pałac pod Bocianim Gniazdem

Stajnia Pałac Runowo

Runowo 23, 76-230 Potęgowo

Tel.: + 48 602445113




Sightseeing hikes in Kashubia

The attachment of Kashubia to tradition, following folk customs, its own language and amazing natural conditions make Kashubia without a doubt one of the most beautiful and the most interesting regions of Poland. Let’s discover the traditional cultural landscape of Kashubia, open-air museums, workshops of traditional handicraft, a deeply hidden traditional architecture, moving sands on coastal beaches and “the most important” of the seven capitals of the region. From Gdańsk, “the newest capital of the region,” through Kartuzy, Kościerzyna, to Wdzydze Kiszewskie – on foot, by bike, train or a bus.

Kashubian Landscape Park, fot. KPK

The offer includes:

– accommodation: a 4 night-stay in a double room in a high standard place in the area of Kaszubski Park Krajobrazowy,

– board: 4 breakfasts in the form of a smorgasboard, 4 dinners,

– guidance of an English-speaking courier/tour guide,

– sightseeing of Gdańsk in English, with a local tour guide, up to 4h,

– entrance tickets: Westerplatte – Guardhouse, open-air museum in Wdzydze Kiszewskie, the labyrinthine world of Adrian Fisher,

– a transport by 49′ bus according to the programme.



from 289 EURO/person/programme


Contact us:

Artur Travel

ul. Rotmistrza Dunin-Wąsowicza 2/8, 30-112 Kraków

tel.: +48 12 307 29 39





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