Człuchów town centre

The central square, where the economic, political and social life of Człuchów took place, was the market. The church, the town hall, where the mayor and councillors held an office and also numerous stalls where trade was conducted, were located near the market. The architecture of the market was wooden, the houses being covered with thatch or shingle. It was the cause of numerous fires plaguing the city. The multiple reconstruction did not provide a significant effect up until the 18th Century, when the destroyed structures began to be rebuilt using bricks from the castle in Człuchów. In 1825 the market was laid out with a stone sett and in the 1840s oil lamps illuminating the town centre were installed.

The architecture of the market, with town houses from the outset of the 20th Century, has partially survived to this day. This charming place was modernised in 2005 and currently comprises a recreational place for the residents of Człuchów, whose relaxation on the market is enhanced by “Bogusza” – a modern fountain.

Autor: LOT “Ziemia Człuchowska”


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