Try to live in „slow” rhythm

Try to live in „slow” rhythm

Pomorskie in slowlife, fot. Ł. Stafiej

In Pomorskie there are a lot of places where you can successfully immerse in nature and countryside idleness. A form of leisure, that is best portrayed in the word “slowlife”, is getting year by year more popular. Harmony with nature and shared life with local inhabitants is something that helps to forget about the city rush. What favours it is invigorating green, which can be easily found in various corners of the Pomorskie Region – at our disposal are for example picturesquely located national parks and landscape parks that hide awaiting for explorers nature treasures.

On the shores of the Baltic Sea there are still places where you can lazily walk for hours and come across nobody except for flying everywhere gulls. We can occassionally see fishermen with fresh fish coming back to the traditional smoking chamber – and you need to know that a visit in such a place is a feast for senses! In Bory Tucholskie we can hike at our own pace across forests and we do not need a map for that – no matter in what direction we will go, every couple of hundreds metres we will come across an interesting view. The same goes for “Szwajcaria Kaszubska” [“Kashubian Switzerland”] – local green hills and clean lakes simply encourage to relax. And the local inhabitants will teach us how to live without problems characteristic for big city reality.


An extremely popular form of leisure in slowlife type is agritourism, that is leisure connected with an active participation in the life of rural farm. On the area of the Pomorskie Region there are many agritouristic points of various character, and it is worth to mention that the hosts often propose learning new, amazing skills.

Agroturystyka Zielony Kot w Lipuszu, fot. Ł. Stafiej

Lesson on baking ecological country bread, horseshoeing workshops or traditional Kashubian embroidery course are only a few examples. We will experience something that we have not dreamed of, and all that in the rhythm measured by cock’s crowing. We also have an access to something that we can only dream about in a city rush – the most fresh, the healthiest and the most delicious food products obtained straight from nature. We can make our own breakfast using fresh vegetables, eggs, milk straight from a cow or hand-picked herbs. Simply, using all gifts the land we live on gives us.

And behind a fence always awaits an adventure. An escapade to the forest is always good for us, whether to look for mushrooms or blueberries, or to blissfully relax and swim in a clear lake. Many of us reminisce such holidays from our childhood with a longing – then we did not call it slowlife, but we still waited for it for a whole year.

Rest in Pomorskie, fot. Ł. Stafiej



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