Relaxation and peace of mind. Keep warm in winter in Pomorskie

Warmth, peace and quiet, nerve-soothing aromas that relax body and soul. In every day’s hustle, it is good to stop for a while to take care of our needs. There is no need convincing anyone that this gives us new life energy and allows us to regenerate our bodies. Hotels of Pomorskie are a great and rich accommodation base, with SPA facilities that will help us gain strength for upcoming, winter weeks.

During cold days, it is necessary to keep your body warm. For starters, try the warming chocolate-orange ritual performed in the SPA of Hanza Hotel in Gdańsk. It is a combination of energising, orange and cinnamon body peeling, and aromatic, warm chocolate massage. This ritual will warm you up and release endorphins, at the same time taking care of your skin. An original scent composition of oranges, cloves, and chocolate will tickle your senses, and the Chinese massage performed during the ritual will soothe your body.

Time: 1.5 hrs, cost: 350 PLN

Chocolate is known for its beneficial properties. This is why Gdańsk Boutique Hotel also offers chocolate relaxation. This feast for senses consists of: bitter chocolate-based aromatic smoothening ritual, and the royal feast – a nourishing face treatment.

Time: 2.5 hrs, cost: 520 PLN,1602,1606,1,pages.html

A journey to the land of orange, chocolate, and cinnamon waits for us with the caring SPA experts in Gdynia-based Quadrille hotel. Nutrideal is a regenerative and nourishing ritual, created especially for body and face skin. Because of its richness in natural oils and beneficial powers of its active ingredients, Nutrideal treatment regenerates, nourishes, and moistens skin. It successfully slows down skin laxity, and immediately improves its elasticity.

Time: 90mins, cost: 350 PLN

Treatment for two: 650 PLN

An original therapy is candle massage, and in reality a massage with warm oil from a burning massage candle. This is offered by Aubrecht Country Spa Resort Hotel, located in one of the most picturesque parts of southern Kaszuby. Precious essential oils, coconut oil, and bee wax intensely moisten, nourish, and regenerate skin, leaving it silky smooth for many hours. Moreover, the oils encloses body with cosy warmth, loosens any muscle blocks and tensions. The subtle aroma of essential oils relaxes deeply and puts in a great mood.

Time: 50mins, cost: 170 PLN

From southern Kaszuby, let us travel to Tuchola Forest and Notera Hotel SPA, where we will experience a relaxing feast for body and soul – the anti-gravity massage. Its base consist of warm sea buckthorn oil. During the massage, we are afloat on the surface of warm water, which enhances the relaxation experience. The effects of this treatment include naturally bright skin and soft skin, and deep relaxation.

Cost: 229 PLN / 60 mins, 109 PLN / 30 mins

Or maybe you’d like to come back to Tricity and enjoy the view on the Bay of Gdańsk? Not many landscapes can be surpassed by the view of the Baltic Sea and the Bay of Gdańsk in winter. Nadmorski Hotel in Gdynia recommends the collagen ritual, performed by specialists from Genesis Institute, who will help you to completely relax and get rid of stress.

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Keep warm in winter in Pomorskie. You will not find any offer like this.


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