Route No. 3 – via Kosy

Embarking from the starting point, you head towards the village of Kosy. The first two kilometres will be along a rather clear asphalt road (along the blue cycle path) leading to the village of Kosy. You traverse the village past the buildings to arrive at a fork in the road where you turn rightwards. The next, 700-m-long section will guide you along a concrete panel road. When you pass the last buildings you will have to climb a slope slightly ascending into the forest (continuing to follow the blue cycle path). After a 1.5km walk through the forest you need to push on forward at another fork (the NW yellow trail diverges to the left). Then, having travelled for some 700m, you will approach an in-forest crossroads where you need to turn left. From there you ramble ahead for another 700m (the cycle path branches to the left). Afterwards you take a forest path towards Kartuzy (accompanied by the red hiking trail running alongside). For the last 1.1km you saunter across a slightly damp area to arrive on Chmieleńska Street. At this point you only need to turn right and walk for another 200m to finish at the starting point.

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