The Trail of the Non-Existent Railways Ustka – Rowy

This wonderful trail connecting Ustka with Smoldzino, is probably the first in Poland, which was led through a disused railway line embankment. The trail is a part of the international cycling route R10, which runs around the Baltic Sea. The trail of the non-existent railway tracks amazes with natural landscape values, leading through the protected landscape areas, touching also on the Slowinski National Park buffer zone. The route is well marked and managed. Several so-called bicycle sheds are used as covered resting points for tourists.

The main part of the trail is around 23 km long and connects Ustka with Rowy village. However, you can extend the trip up to approx. 60 km and travel to Rowy through a loop around the lake Gardno. From Rowy to Ustka you can return along the same route or 20 km along the red trail through Debina, Poddabie and Orzechowo, leading mainly through coastal forest, which in places is very difficult to travel by bike. The return trip is also possible on an asphalt road from Rowy to Ustka, unfortunately, in the high season it is rather busy and dangerous.

Trail length: 23 (43) km

Track difficulty: easy

Parent surface: dirt roads

The time it takes to cover the trail: 4-5 hours

Recommended type of bike: trekking / mountain

Route: Ustka – Rowy


0 km – Ustka. The beach, the harbor and pier, a statue of the mermaid, seaside boulevard, numerous cafes and restaurants, lighthouse, historic spa architecture i.e. bathrooms, fortifications from the years 1938 to 1939, the so-called “Blucher Battery.”

Note! The exit from Ustka leads through Armii Krajowej street to Przewłoka, in the area of Grunwaldzka street where there is a beginning of the embankment.

4.2 km – Zapadle. The settlement of foresters, bike station, access to the beach in Orzechowo.

7.2 km – Wytowno. A half-timbered church with a brick tower, bike station .

11 km – Machowinko. The palace of the 19th century, a park, half-timbered houses and homesteads in the gatehouse from the first half of 17th century.

15.0 km – a bike stop, the so-called “The main bicycle station”.

19.7 km – Objejskie Laki . The grounds of the former glassworks, a polder located in flood plains. Viewing platform on the lake Gardno.

22.9 km – Rowy. A summer village on the Lake Gardno. The beach, well-developed accommodation and catering, the neo-Romanesque 19th century church built of stone blocks, a small fishing harbor at the mouth of Lupawa river.

Note! The return to Ustka via the red trail (trail in places difficult to overcome by the bike – steep descents and climbs near the cliff, sandy surface).


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