The Ruins of the Episcopal Castle in Prabuty

It was the home of the Pomesanian bishops until the secularisation of Prussia in 1525. In later times, it became one of the homes of the Duke of Prussia. After the 1688 fire, only a few of the utility buildings were rebuilt, while the Castle wings were adapted for barracks, a field hospital and storehouses. After another fire in 1787, few of the military buildings were rebuilt. During a visit to the former area of the Castle, you can find fragments of the internal walls and the foundations of 19th Century buildings. There is currently archaeological work aimed at revealing the fragments of the Castle buildings. The ruins of the former stronghold overlook the Liwieniec Lake, which is a reserve of water and marsh birds. The lake used to reach the walls and played an important role in the defence functions of the Castle. Walking down the field path, at the end of which you should turn into Mazurska Street, you can see all the external walls, which rise to a height of 10 metres. A model of the Pomesanian Bishops’ Castle was placed on top of the ruins in 2009. It depicts the reconstruction of the Castle in dimensions of 4.5 m x 5 m, a scale of 1:16, and reflects the details of this magnificent structure from its days of glory. The remains of the Castle are located on the slope of Litwiniec Lake, near the co-cathedral.

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