Correze restaurant

They say that they serve Mediterranean cuisine with a French twist. – Dishes in our menu have been composed to most of all affect smell, taste, and imagination. A mix of all kinds of flavours can be found in them: salty, bitter, sour, sweet, and even umami. And each of them is my favourite – says the Head Chef of Correze restaurant in Gańsk. It’s hard not to belive him.

-From the very beginning we wanted to create a place with extraordinary, delicious cuisine, but without pretense. It was possible thanks to your Head Chef, Krzysztof Gradzewicz. He liked the idea enough to move from Olsztyn to our beloved Gdańsk. It was very important that service remained top quality at all times, but at the same time we encouraged waiters to be laid back and friendly. We don’t want our restaurant to be associated with sophisticated elegance. It is supposed to be a place for everyone who values a good meal and friendly atmosphere – says Piotr Sadowski, owner of Correze restaurant in Gdańsk.

The menu includes mostly seasonal dishes, inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, with elements of French cooking. Correze staff bakes fresh bread each morning, and the smell of bread and baguettes lingers in the restaurant throughout the day. Fruit and vegetables are delivered by a local partner supplier. Poultry: geese, chickens, ducks, are all ordered at a Gdańsk-based farm. All herbs and spices, on the other hand, come from the renowned Lawenda farm.

-We promote Pomorskie and Gdańsk not only through products that we use, but also by co-operation with local companies who helped in creating the restaurant’s décor. A Gdańsk-based artist painted all paitings that are in the restaurant, and wood lining was prepared by a company located near the city. All other woodwork, including furniture, was created by an excellent carpenter from Pomorze – says the owner of the restaurant.

The head chef represents Pomorskie in different culinary competitions. His menu recommendation is roast beef steak with baked potatoes, with cottage cheese with dill and chive, crème fraiche, demi-glace, with shallots, truffle olive, and fresh vegetable salad. Amateurs of fish delicacies will certainly enjoy striped red mullet with black lentil, broccoli, chanterelles, shrimp sauce and European crayfish. For vegetarians, the chef has prepared kohlrabi crème, fennel salad, buttermilk ice-cream with linseed oil and acacia honey, or spelt pasta with beet greens, nuts, crème fraiche, seeds, fennel, nigella, and clone syrup.

-I am inspired basically every step I take. While going to work, visiting a vegetable bazaar, travelling with my work equipment, or watching culinary programmes and films. I also draw a lot of inspiration from contact with nature, or meeting with friends and cooking together – says Krzysztof Gardzewicz, who together with the national representation of Polish cooks won a silver medal in 2016 Erfurt Culinary Olympics. It was the first Culinary Olympics victory in Polish history.

Correze restaurant also offers many homemade products, such as meat, sausages, stuffed olives and peppers, as well as sauces and marinates. Bartenders prepare syrups and bitters to use for cocktails by themselves, as well.

Although opened in the beginning of 2017, the restaurant has already managed to attract regular guests who feel at home, and who keep coming back. They know that the meal they will have here will be delicious, accompanied by friendly service and comfortable interior.

The owner says: – When designing and furnishing the restaurant, it was our priority to make our Guests feel comfortable inside. Very often our guest say that our restaurant is so nice and cosy that they don’t want to leave. It assures us that our idea worked. We combined wood, metal, warm colours, and uncanny accessories that – in our opinion – make the interior more appealing and create this cosy atmosphere. We make sure that there are fresh flowers all the time, and that candles are lit every evening. But décor alone is not enough. People, of course, are the most important. Correze team is our strength. Their attitude and smile make everything possible!

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