Parish of Our Lady Queen of Poland in New Barkoczyn

Around the year 1600 Protestants took over the Catholic chapel in New Barkoczyn that around 1650 again they gave to Catholics. Around 1580 King Stephen Bathory who went to the rebellious Gdansk to bring peace there was to stop and lodge in this Catholic chapel. When in 1650 the chapel returned into the hands of Catholics, the Protestants built a branch of the Protestant church, probably wooden, referred to in records from 1772.

In 1797, due to the threat of collapsing the church was demolished, and in its place built a new evangelical timbered-framed church. However, even this temple shared the fate of its predecessor, in 1888 the building threatened to collapse. Chronicles of the year 1891 mention that people traveling to the church were in such danger.

The church was located in the vicinity of the present school, and could accommodate only 200 people, and then the Protestant community had about 2000 people. In 1891 began a construction of the current neo-Gothic evangelical church, which with the help of the Association of Gustav Adolf Vereins was opened in 1897.

Consecration of the new church took place on August 19th 1897. This ceremony was chaired by superintendents: Doblin from Gdansk and Dreyer from Starogard assisted by many evangelical clergy and members of the community. In a festive way of goodbye to the old temple, and in the company of the faithful, the sacred liturgical images were transferred to the new, the present church. After 1945 the evangelical church again became the Catholic Church.

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