Nordic Walking Sztutowo (The Green Trail)

The route goes through forest footpaths, initially meandering alongside the sea shore. Embarking on a journey eastwards allows you to admire the characteristic flora of the seaside pine wood with dwarf pines and cross-leaved heath. As you move further from the sea the landscape turns into an undulating sea embankment covered with pine and spruce wood. Immediately behind it there is an area dominated by the Black Cormorant. This species has densely populated the forests of the Sztutowo Commune. Its characteristic nests wedged in the crowns of withering trees can be seen both in Sztutowo and in the reserve around Kąty Rybackie. This is where the trail partially mixes with the nature trail of the “Vistula Spit” Landscape Park. Having walked about 2km you reach the yellow hiking trail running along the whole Vistula Spit. There you turn right heading west. Several dozen metres further on is Morska Street which you cross to turn north, towards the beach, about 1km later. Then, again, you stroll through a diverse forest area for some 1.2km to reach a sand dune. Now you head eastwards and 1km later reach the beach centre.

Name: The Green Trail “Through the Woods of Sztutowo”

Level: intermediate

Length: 5.3 km

Road type: forest vista

Altitude difference: 20 m

Completion time: about 1.5 hours

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