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The overall decoration harks back to the simplicity of the White Monks. Only the hum of water falling on the waterwheel is able to interrupt the complete silence of this place.

Meals in the refectory

Hotel guests are encouraged to visit the 14th Century post-Cistercian refectory – a place for the meals of the White Monks. Despite the fact that the monks are long gone from the abbey, the convent’s kitchen is still full of chefs preparing meals, which we heartily recommend.

Campfire on the Jan III Sobieski Island

Warmth of fire, hum of water and the Cistercian convent in the distance. The Jan III Sobieski Island is a charming place, located just next to the “Nad Wierzycą” Hotel. We have a specially-prepared square for a campfire – an arbour for about 100 people and a barbecue hearth. We provide sausages, bread and beverages. There is also the possibility of renting sports equipment or enriching the evening with a special artistic programme.

Artistic programmes/live history lessons

The “Apis” Mercenary Knight Squadron of Jacenty Ordowski prepares the artistic frame which will make your stay in Pelplin more attractive. We offer a wide selection of programmes, from live history lessons to historical productions.

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