The Natural Science Museum in the Seaside Landscape Park in Władysławowo

The Museum is located in the house of Lieutenant-General Józef Haller, known as Hallerówka (Haller’s House). It takes up three rooms.

One room is entirely dedicated to the subject of the Baltic Sea. There is a relief map showing its bathymetry, the coastline, and shore types. Separate dioramas present the history of sea development, the diversification of the animal and plant kingdoms, and a selection of issues concerning the influence of maritime conditions on the organic world. Another room is occupied with an exhibition presenting stuffed birds and some mammals found in the Seaside Landscape Park. The first floor houses the last museum room. The display cabinets feature selected landscapes and ecosystems of the SLP, such as sand dunes, cliffs, and saltmeadows.

The Museum also offers an ethnographic section where you can find information about different forms of human activity in this area, including the collection of old fishing equipment, agricultural tools and household objects such as spinning wheel, reeling machine, and kitchen appliances. The exhibition has been supplemented with image charts illustrating everyday life and tradition of seaside Kashubia.

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