The Amber Mine Museum in Możdżanowo

In 1780, Joseph Liepman, a Jewish resident of Słupsk, leased the right to prospect for and extract amber from the Prussian King for 50 thalers a year. Liepman set up a mine in Możdżanowo, where there are at least two glacial flows or huge fragments of Palaeogene amber-bearing sediments transported by a glacier. 18th-Century records suggest that Liepman employed as many as 100 workers. A few years after the mine was opened, there was disastrous flooding and the mine was closed down. However, in the meantime as much as 5 tonnes of amber were produced, constituting an immense fortune. Today, amber deposits in Możdżanowo are estimated to bear 20 tonnes of that valuable resource. Prospectively, the site is planned to house the Old Mine Museum in Możdżanowo.

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