The St. Martin of Tours and Believer’s Church in Borzyszkowy

In 1721, the village experienced a great fire, which consumed most of the buildings, including the church and the rectory. The village inhabitants thought long and hard about the location of the new temple, considering the previous one as unlucky. According to the legend, snow fell onto the location of the burnt down church, on St. John’s Day, 24 June. Due to this unique event, the church was rebuilt in the same place. The reconstruction of the temple was completed in 1726.

The wooden building is a valuable example of Pomeranian baroque. The body of the church has an embedded tower crowned with a lantern with a ballistic cupola, which ends with a steeple and flag. The interior of the church combines the sparsely preserved 18th Century Baroque elements with modern ones. The late Baroque details include a rainbow beam with flower and plant decoration, depicting the Mother of Christ, St. John the Evangelist and St. Mary Magdalene, while the modern ones include the organ prospect from 1982. There are more examples of combining the “new” with the “old” in this temple. The old and new elements harmonise with the folk atmosphere of the interior decoration.

In 2006, the beautiful, wooden temple won the contest of the Polish General Historical Monument Conservator entitles “Well-Kept Monument”.

The church cemetery, a part of which is from the medieval era, is home to the grave of Józef Gierszewski, the co-organiser and 1941 – 1943 head commander of the “Pomeranian Griffin” Secret Military Organisation.

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