St. Martin’s Church in Ciechocin

The construction of the new church was wooden with vertical and horizontal dark timber beams, filled with a brick wall, plastered white on the outside. In 1877, the church was renovated and a brick sacristy was added. Other renovation works, mainly to the exterior, were carried out between 1991-1994.

Despite its old age, the single-aisle interior of the church remained unchanged. It consists of a 17th-Century altar with a wooden retable, decorated with a pair of columns on both sides of the broad centrally-located niche, with a gold-plated and polychromed figure of the church’s Patron Saint, St. Martin, helping a pauper. In the slender niches between the columns with distinct stucco marble, there are two wooden figures inserted, with gold-plated shells over their heads, replacing the halos. The figure on the right represents St. James the Apostle, and on the left St. Jude Thaddeus.

The cornice of the retable is decorated with the winged head of an angel, with an oval oil painting with the Eye of Providence, looming out of the illuminated clouds. On both sides of the cornice there are figures of archangels. In front of the altar there is the post-conciliar liturgy area: a wooden table for Eucharist Sacrifice and the table of the Word of God, with the sedilia (a place in a church assigned for the celebrant and the liturgical ministry, usually located in the presbytery) and a small credence (a table in the presbytery for the liturgical vessels used for the liturgy). The old furnishing of the church also includes a late-Baroque wooden pulpit from the 18th-Century, with white polychrome and a woodcarver’s decoration in the form of gold-plated garlands.

It is also worth mentioning the small oil painting on a board, located to the right of the aisle. Its style reflects guild or folk painting. It represents the scene of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her beautiful figure is being raised into heaven by two pairs of angels, while another pair awaits with the crown in their hands to crown her the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Two angels performing music assist the scene.

Another painting in the church is the procession feretory (a portable, double-sided religious painting in decorative frames, double-sided relief or a figure of the holy person on the base plate) with the painting of the Holy Family with an angel performing music at the feet of the Infant Jesus, and an image of St. Barbara on the reverse. The paintings were probably painted by the artist Teodozjusz Redner of Pelplin, and date back to the 19th Century. A decorative wooden frame adds additional lustre to the paintings.

Near the church there is a figure of the Virgin Mary, with a plate placed at her feet with a prayer calling for Christian unity among people. In the church cemetery, there is a cross with the dates of the Holy Missions in the parish.

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