St. Francis’ Church in Olszanowo

Erected in the early 17th Century as a form of Protestant church during the times of the Człuchów Starost Stanisław Latalski, who was a great promoter of Martin Luther’s teachings in this part of the Republic of Poland. From 1691, the church in Olszanowo was the centre of the extensive Protestant parish. Only in 1947, was the church taken over by the Catholics and consecrated.

This half-timbered church with a brick filling was erected on a rectangular plane. The original construction of the bell tower is located over the western part of the church, and its Baroque cupola topped with an octagonal lantern.

Inside the church there is a 17th-Century pulpit and a main altar in the Rococo style. An interesting element of the furnishing is the church bell from 1771, funded by the then village owner, Franciszek Ewald Manteuffel-Kiełpiński.

Foto: M.Bieliński, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP

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