The Church of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary in Swołowo

The tower hangs two bells produced by renowned Pomeranian workshops – one from 1764 by J. Meyer of Kołobrzeg, and one from 1788 by J. M. Meyer of Szczecinek. Between 1867 and 1893 the church was developed. Works included pulling down its Gothic gable wall and half-timbered annexes leaning over the southern wall. The nave has been extended about 3.2m towards the east and widened to the south. A new gable wall and an apse were built in the Gothic Revival style. The extended part of the nave was given galleries resting on pillars standing in place of the former wall. The shapes of the roof and windows were altered, introducing ogival shapes. The church walls are plastered. The vicinity of the temple, encircled by a stone wall, has hosted a rural churchyard for centuries.

Currently, it is a parish branch church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a Roman-Catholic parish in Bruskowo Wielkie.

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