The Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ in Chocielewko

This large village, consisting of Chocielewko Górne, Dolne and Folwark (the grange), is located on the northern side of the Łeba and Reda Rivers Proglacial Valley. The church was built to commemorate the residents of the village who fell in World War I. Over the church facade there is a square church tower, of which the upper level is of a skeletal construction and is topped with a slender cupola with a spire. Among the most interesting elements of the church’s furnishings are stained glass with military themes, a polychrome gallery, an organ made by the Gruenberg company from Szczecin, and a glass mosaic on the external wall of the tower. Around the church, there are numerous large trees, including old yews and bird cherry. In Chocielewko Folwark, each tourist should climb the Chapel Mountain (Góra Kapliczna), with a height of 77 m above sea level, which probably used to be a place of cult in Pagan times. In a later period, on the hill slopes, a small chapel was built, the ruins of which are visible to this day, giving the hill its current name. The Chapel Mountain is also a very attractive viewing point, with a view over the Łeba Valley.

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