Amber Tincture

Mix about 20 grams of crumbled or tiny pieces of amber into 95% rectified spirit.

Leave in a warm, shady place for 14 days.

Shake the bottle every couple of days.


Add 3 drops to water and take once a day for the following ailments:

bacterial gastrointestinal infections, common poisonings, throat diseases, rhinitis,

colds, and for the general strengthening of the organism.

The tincture can be applied externally as an ointment for back, breasts, joints and muscles.

In headaches and migraines, rub a small amount of the preparation on the forehead and temples.

The first information about the healing properties of Baltic amber can be found in Hippocrates’ works (460-370 B.C.). Amber and its preparations have been used in European folk medicine for centuries, and modern research has confirmed its therapeutic features. It contains 3-8% succinic acid, which stimulates kidneys, intestines and the nervous system. It is a recognised panacea for rheumatism, asthma and ailments of the respiratory system. In cosmetology, succinic acid and amber oil are used as agents to disinfect, kill germs and neutralise free radicals.

Succinic acid (C4H6O4) exists in the form of white crystals. It can bolster your vital powers and the immunity of your organism. Moreover, it also slows down ageing processes, acting as an antioxidant. Aside from Baltic amber, succinic acid can be found in unripe gooseberries, grapes, sugar beet juice, turnips and rhubarb.

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