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Planning a trip to popular tourist destinations, such as Hel or Tricity, there are high chances of competing in the new summer national sport – fencing. To enjoy your holiday without the additional stress you simply have to travel a bit further to alternative towns and resorts.


A former fishermen’s village that has not transformed into a large resort, but kept its charming atmosphere. There are only a few tenths of locals living here permanently and two thirds of the town is situated… in a forest! In Dębki you can find one of Poland’s most beautiful beaches, with the river Piaśnica connecting with the sea, adding even more wonder to this charming town. Even though during the last few years Dębki have expanded their tourist offer it is still one of the calmer spots on the Baltic seashore. It is ideal for a summer holiday, romantic getaway or simply a quite escape from the cities’ rush. You can just turn off your mobile and enjoy the sea breeze.

Silence in Tricity

In the largest metropolis of Pomorze you can also find calmer locations. One of the more charming spots in Tricity is the Sobieszewski Island, situated on the Eastern edge of Gdańsk. It is amazing that virgin nature can be found so close to the city centre. Even though there are plenty of both locals and tourists relaxing here, many kilometres of sandy beaches provide enough space for everyone to enjoy the seashore. The island is also beloved by the birds, which nest here. The Ptasi Raj (Birds’ Heaven) reserve has been named after one of two shore lakes, which are a literal heaven for almost 200 types of birds. The Babie Doły beach in Gdynia is also hidden from the tourists, with its characteristic military object entering the sea – the World War II Torpedo Station. Only a 15min car ride from the main city beach, it offers indescribable comfort and freedom.


Situated next to Wejherowo, village Lubiatowo (gmina Choczewo) is another offer for those seeking peace and silence. It is a nice change from crowded and loud seashore resorts, which never sleep during the summer months. The beach itself in Lubiatowo is quite narrow, with the sea taking away parts of land every year, but miniscule and soft sand recompenses for the lack of space and reminds of the travelling dunes, which can be found not far from here.

Poddąbie and Orzechowo

An alternative to the beautiful but overcrowded Ustka are her neighbours. Poddąbie is a small, charming town and a holiday there guarantees silence and full regeneration of both body and mind. It is surrounded by a forest, which guards it from noise. To get to the beach you simply have to set off for a short walk and descend down wooden steps. Orzechowo, situated a bit closer to Ustka, has a different attraction – an Orzechowa stream connecting with the sea. The view is breath taking and it is another attraction for little ones, who enjoy splashing in the water.


Finally an option for those, who are travelling to the Vistula Spit (Mierzeja Wiślana). Situated close to Krynica Morska, Piaski is right by the border with the Kaliningrad Oblast. Close by you can find a sightseeing spot and the highest point of the spit – the Camel’s Hump (Wielbłądzi Garb), from which you can see the Gdańsk Bay on one side and the Vistula Lagoon on the other. An attraction in itself is a walk right up to the border with Russia. The beach in Piaski is wide and even during peak tourist season it is not crowded, since most tourists swarm the close by Krynica. On this “edge of the world”, similarly as in Poddąbie, bars and stores can be counted on your fingers. Sounds like an ideal place for relaxation.

Sylwia Gutkowska


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