An idea for the trip: Tczew

An idea for the trip: Tczew

Tczewski most kratownicowy, fot. Pomorskie.TravelTczew truss bridge, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

What does Tczew has to do with Paris? How are shipwrecks extracted from the depths of the sea? Can art be created in a factory? You will find answers to all these questions in the heart of Kociewie region, in one of its oldest cities, which dates back to the 12th century – in Tczew.

It is really not far from Tri-city to Tczew – by train it will take us about 45 minutes from Gdynia, 35 minutes from Sopot and 20 minutes from Gdansk – and the journey will be made even more pleasant by the landscapes we pass. When we get there, we can start our trip from the Fine Arts Factory or from the branches of the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk, the Vistula Museum and the Shipwreck and Ship Conservation Centre. It is here, in post-industrial buildings, that you can feel the unique atmosphere of the city, and above all learn a lot about its history.

Fabryka Sztuk w Tczewie, fot. Fabryka Sztuk
The Fine Art Factory in Tczew- the cultural heart of the city, photo: press materials

The seat of the Fine Arts Factory is located in historic post-factory buildings from the second half of the 19th century. Built in 1883, they were originally the seat of the Emil Kelch Metal Products Factory. In 1921, the authorities of independent Poland established The Metal Articles Factory there, called “Arkona”. In the first years of World War II, on the premises of the factory there was a transit camp for Polish displaced persons, and from 1942, a factory producing equipment for the German army. Today it is one of the most dynamically operating art centres and at the same time – the cultural heart of the city. Concerts, performances, educational activities and workshops take place here – before your arrival, it is worth checking the website of the Factory and checking if something interesting is happening there.

The Vistula Museum is located in the same building and it is also a place that should not be missed. After all, the Vistula is one of our Polish symbols, the more unique because it has its own museum! Inside, we will learn a lot about the history of Tczew and why the Vistula is such an important element for this city, as well as for the whole of Poland. You can spend two or three hours in both places and then go to the Shipwreck and Ship Conservation Centre.

Centrum Konserwacji Wraków Statków w Tczewie i jego atrakcje, fot. mat. prasowe
Shipwreck Conservation Centre in Tczew, photo: press materials

Here you can see with your own eyes what the work with historic ships and boats looks like (this option is available mainly from Monday to Friday), and also peek at the bottom of the sea to observe them in the place where still unexplored objects rest. The interactive exhibition is largely adapted to the needs of the youngest, so it certainly cannot be missed on the sightseeing route if you are traveling with a child. Among the many treasures that you will find in this museum, the seagoing yacht “Opty”, on which Leonid Teliga sailed around the globe in the late 1960s, deserves a special mention.

Not quite far from the place, there is also another interesting monument, the water tower, and in its vicinity, the city park. If you are tired of walking around exhibitions, it is definitely worth taking a seat on a bench and taking a breath of fresh air.

Punkt widokowy, fot. Urząd Miejski w Tczewie
You can see better from above, the viewing point by the boulevard, photo: City Hall in Tczew

Finally, it is worth directing your steps towards the Vistula Boulevard. The entire route will take us about 20 minutes to walk, but on the way it is worth going through the centre of Tczew and General Józef Haller Square. In front of the Square, there is a bench by Roman Landowski, an important figure in the history of Tczew and the whole of Kociewie region, a well-known promoter of the local culture and tradition. From there, we can go to the Vistula River. There is a viewing point on the boulevard with a magnificent view of the river and the famous Tczew bridges. Why are they so special? Well, the American Engineering Society has recognized one of them as an international monument of construction engineering. The same list includes, among others, the Paris Eiffel Tower, it is certainly a real distinction!

As you can see, you don’t have to go to the other end of Europe to see something extraordinary and unique. Tczew is so close to the Tri-City and has so many interesting things to offer that it would be a shame to omit it when planning your next family trip. Put on comfortable shoes, buy a train ticket and off you go!

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