Pomeranian for health


Many of them come here not only to sightsee and sunbathe, or breathe in some iodine, but also to recuperate or improve their looks. This comes as no surprise. Local clinics and medical centres offer not only top quality services with top-notch equipment, but also affordable prices.


An operation or a treatment are really just the beginning of regaining physical fitness and health. Another important factor, which takes much more time, is rehabilitation. Both patients and doctors are well-aware of that. This is why top rehabilitation facilities are ever so popular.

Pomorskie-based clinics provide complex rehabilitation services, which means not only restoring patients’ motor skills, but also taking care of the emotional, social, psychological, and job-related aspects of their lives. This is why clinics employ not only the best doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and physiotherapists, but also psychologists and dietitians.

In each centre, there are patients who recuperate after orthopaedic, surgical, and neurosurgical treatments and operations, as well as patients with burns and neurological problems. This is why many of these places have functioning home simulations – patients gain a better way to return to normal activities. In order to accomplish that, rehabilitation plans are always formed together with particular patients and their families.

Another advantage of Pomorskie-based rehabilitation centres is their location. This makes recuperation process not limited to mere exercise, but provides patients with the ability to relax in the open, in a forest or on a beach, for example. Every doctor knows that positive attitude constitutes 50% of treatment success.


Pomorskie also offers a wide range of facilities that help you deal with eye problems. Local ophthalmologists often consult foreign patients, who are drawn here by high quality of services and low prices.

Pomorskie offers effective treatments for virtually any eye disease. Available services are of highest quality, regardless if it’s basic eye diagnostics and selecting the first pair of glasses or contact lenses, or special diagnostics and precision surgery.

Ophthalmologists and surgeons successfully treat cataract, glaucoma, corneal diseases, perform laser eye surgeries. They also specialise in neuro-ophthalmology, eyeball area plastic surgery, or refractive surgery. Clinics offer successful treatments for strabismus, or retinal diseases. All using the most advanced equipment.

Eye treatments, however, are also about post-treatment care. Owners of clinics and their employees take care of high quality post-treatment rooms and supervision over recuperation process.


In order to bite into Pomorskie (or anything else, for that matter), you have to have something to bite with. Anyone who has ever suffered from a tooth ache knows that prevention is key. More so, that there are many regional dishes and flavours for tourists to explore, which are hard to be indifferent to. This may be the reason that among all the services of medical tourism, which is developing in Tricity and its area, dentistry is one of the most prominent ones.

Again: best equipment and top-class specialists are the characteristics not only of rehabilitation and ophthalmology, but also of local dental clinics.


Pomorskie is also the centre of renowned clinics and aesthetic medicine centres. This should come as no surprise: for many years, beautiful, sandy beaches go along well with plastic surgery. Therefore, local surgeons have treated seriously the idea of making people happy, and decided to help them achieve their own beauty ideals.

Customer satisfaction is put first in aesthetic medicine clinics across the region. Such satisfaction is gained not only through outcome of a procedure, but the entire course of a treatment, from the initial consultation to post-treatment care. Of course, also in this case the entire treatment schedule is every time consulted with the patient, in order to meet individual needs. Many clinics are equipped with comfortable, quite post-treatment rooms fitted with new, comfortable equipment. They also provide wireless Internet access, as well as 24-hour care.

Plastic surgeons in Pomorskie are always up-to-date with newest trends in plastic and reconstruction surgery. The scope of procedures includes face lifting, neck, chest, and belly surgeries. They swiftly and safely remove scars, tattoos, and skin cancer, perform liposuction, and aesthetic gynaecology. Clinics also treat excessive sweating, help to model lips, and remove wrinkles. All these procedures require from the doctors extraordinary skills and imagination, as well as excellent approach to the patient: understanding their situation and needs. All procedures are performed using top quality equipment, in perfect conditions, which guarantees safety to the patients. All doctors and technicians employed in clinics are experts in their fields, and are up to any challenge put before them. Nurses and physiotherapists, who take care of patients after a treatment, are also proficient and understand that first several days after a procedure are the key to recuperation process.

A separate issue when it comes to looks and health, is weight. Obesity is one of lifestyle diseases. Not everyone can deal with excessive weight without the help of experts. Fortunately, they are easy to find in Pomorskie. And it’s important to find them if you have a problem, because obesity is not only the question of looks, but it’s a catalyst for many cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, developing of cancer and blood clots.

Obesity therapy needs a cool-headed approach, meaning it’s best to lose weight in a controlled fashion, under a watchful eye of a dietitian, as well as bariatric surgery experts, psychologists, and physiotherapists. Each patient is different, this is why each time individual risks need to be taken into consideration, and individual treatment methods need to be selected, which will eliminate any other obesity-related afflictions. In other words – it’s best to entrust your health into the hands of specialists.


All of the above solutions are, obviously, not all Pomorskie region has to offer to take care for your health. There are plenty of possibilities, and all are available within the boundaries of just one geographical region. However, to select the proper one, it is best to know them all. That’s why, when searching for the best solution, visit Trendmed.eu, which allows to purchase an offer that best suits your needs.

There’s nothing more to add, maybe except – come get some health!


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